Testimonials from some of our happy clients...

We are truly blessed to be able to work with these and all of our clients, thank you !!!

"I am a small business owner and as a result of coaching with Kevin Barnes, I have achieved a lot that I wouldn't have if not for Kevin, all in only one month!!. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone needing some clarity, direction or focus.. Nick.... Victoria 


"During the time that I worked with Kevin, I found him to be the consummate professional, while at the same time maintaining an easygoing and approachable manner. Despite the tyranny of distance, I managed to speak to Kevin on a regular basis, with the meetings organised by Kevin at a time that suited me. Never once during our working relationship did Kevin fail to send me a reminder about our meeting, nor was he ever late for one. On one occasion, due to other commitments, we had to re-schedule, but Kevin advised me several days ahead about why and we organised an alternate time.

During the sessions with Kevin, he was at the same time not only a good listener, but also had to ability to 'extract' information which often clarified things in my mind. In our discussions about issues that I was having, Kevin was able to provide suggestions about how I might address them and encouraged me to be positive and practice the methods that we had discussed. In subsequent meetings, he asked how particular issues were going and if I needed any further assistance in dealing with them.

In terms of the meeting structures, before each meeting, Kevin sent me a document which provided issues that I wanted to discuss, as well as general information about things happening in my life. Following meetings, Kevin sent me a summary of our discussion, as well as the list of 'Action Items' for me to carry out. In the following meetings, he would ask how the items had gone.

I enjoyed my time working with Kevin, finding him personable, helpful and very professional and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Mike...... from Canberra

"Kevin was recommended to me by a business acquaintance. I was struggling with my business, and my personal quality of life, at the time.

Kevin took me through a program to help me sort out what was really important to me, at the same time as giving me truly professional advice with my business from his own business experience which proved invaluable to me.

At the beginning I was struggling to understand the concept of what I really wanted in my life and business.

He worked along with me in a structured way with work modules that contained probing questions that gradually brought me through to seeing how important this one question really was.

He was extremely patient, listening to me, and guiding me all along to see for myself what was really important to me.

I had felt quite lost when I first started my coaching with Kevin, I can truly say that I do not feel that way now. He has helped me to see what is truly important to me, in all aspects of my life. He has progressively been helping me to be able to express myself better to my family when it really matters most.

He has progressively encouraged me to read other books that have helped me enormously to understand the concepts we have covered in our sessions.

His email support in between sessions has been helpful as a back up.

I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about really understanding themselves and others, both in work place situations, as well as family, and especially self!

I will always be thankful for his help and guidance and support."

Valerie..... from Victoria 


"Kevin’s innate ability to sense the inner blocks and give me the right tools at the right time to allow me to move forward in a positive way was hugely beneficial as I navigated my way through a very difficult part if my life.

Kevin was able to offer key insights to areas that were not so clear to me and give me the confidence and clarity to make the moves and choices I needed to make. I am very grateful for his support and guidance and highly recommend him as a coach to assist others."

Julie .... ACT

Nicholas .... Emotional Intelligence