For a low monthly investment, you will have access to our Exclusive Members Area, where you will receive.....

  • A Personality Profile including an explanation of your type (total value $197)
  • A work book every month from our Life Management Module (value $1997) which includes:
  1. Balancing the wheel of life (1 and 1A)
  2. Visions and Values
  3. Mission Statements
  4. Life Roles
  5. The Secrets of Success
  6. Success and Failure
  7. The Principles of Time Management
  8. Putting Time Management Principles Into Practice
  9. Procrastination
  10. Time Management by the Compass
  11. Your Life’s Purpose 

At the end of this module you will:

  • Possess a personal mission statement
  • Understand the deepest meaning of ‘Life Purpose’ as it applies to you
  • Learn the secrets of goal setting
  • Determine your life roles and balance your life accordingly
  • Formulate a personal time management system that really works
  • Recognise the need to run your life according to principles rather than techniques
  • Use time allocation strategies to become effective in all areas of your life
  • Learn the difference between ‘urgent’ and ‘important’
  • Know how to make your own personal space
  • Understand your own personal time management style – the strengths and weaknesses and what to do about them
  • Understand and use the principles of self regeneration

You also get....

  • Access to 200+ e books on personal development including “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (total value $397)
  • A recording of our monthly Webinar delivered to your in-box. (total value $397)
  • Complementary Tickets to our workshops and seminars.

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